Aaron Terrapin


Born and raised in Lexington, SC, Aaron has been playing guitar for eleven years and teaching for five. He studied guitar under Michael Burkett, student of local legend Robert Newton. His personal primary focus is Jazz Fusion, the blending of Jazz music with Rock. As a guitar instructor, Aaron’s primary focus for the student is an in depth comprehension of Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Dynamics, and Technique. In the lesson studio Aaron plays a Larrivée Acoustic guitar for the warm, ethereal tones it produces.

He is also the guitarist / visionary for the instrumental fusion band eBlue. Aaron aims to continually create, write, and record new eBlue material and to release the new sounds annually. “I often get asked how to become a great guitar player and the answer; dedication and practice. There simply is no substitute for playing your instrument.” www.facebook.com/eblueband

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Clint Meyer

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Uke

Clint Meyer has been a full time teacher at Musician Supply since 2005. He studied music and guitar theory privately under Robert Newton.  He also studied bass guitar technique with Tyrone Mack and Donnie Sowell.  Clint enjoys playing and teaching many instruments other than guitar, including Mandolin, Banjo, and Uke.  He has played for many local and regional acts such as Audioshot, The Five, and Violent New Breed and can be seen at many local music venues.

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Scott Barber

Drums, Bass, Guitar

Scott has been playing guitar, bass, and drums since 2005. He studied with local teachers like Michael Burkett and Jayson Moore who helped nurture his sense of perfect pitch and develop a well rounded level of musicianship. Scott learned music theory in private lessons as well classes at Lexington High School and the University of South Carolina. He was a member of the Lexington High School Jazz Band, performing on electric bass. Rock, Metal, and Progressive Music are Scott’s personal focus. He has played with local acts eBlue, Crowning Astaroth, and Trees on Mars. As a native of Lexington, Scott takes pride in passing on the knowledge he has acquired. http://www.facebook.com/TreesonMars

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Brian Conner


Guitarist, Vocalist and creative drive of Weaving the Fate (formerly Villanova Band), Lexington native Brian Conner has been teaching at Musician Supply since 2006. Brian studied with Robert Newton and was a violin student in school. Performing on guitar has been part of Brian’s life since middle school and he enjoys cultivating the spirit of performance in new guitar players. http://weavingthefate.com/

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Olivia Gatses


Olivia began piano lessons in the fourth grade. During her senior year of high school she realized how important music and piano were in her life and decided to continue her musical studies. Olivia earned her Bachelors of Music in Piano Pedagogy from Columbia College, SC in 2011.

In her lessons, Olivia focuses on teaching students not only the basics of reading and playing music, but also to feel the music. Once a student has a basic understanding of the how to read music, she wants to get them playing material they are excited about. That could include pop, jazz, rock, country, classical, or even composing their own pieces. She believes if the student enjoys what they are playing, learning will be more fun. Seeing a student understand and enjoy music is her goal.

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Joseph Lansburg

Guitar, Uke

Joe began drum lessons in 2003 and guitar a year later in 2004. Joe studied for six years under Michael Burkett and Jeff Moss, two former Musician Supply instructors, who were important influences in his musical development. Joe had steady performance opportunities to apply his growing guitar knowledge during his school years in church worship bands. He used that experience to go in another direction as he started playing in numerous bands around the Columbia area. Students studying with Joe will have access to his calm and controlled  proficiency in rock, blues, alternative and classic rock guitar styles. Joe encourages students not to cut corners, create their own music, and above all else have fun.

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