The Buffet Group boasts in impressive line up of Brands like Buffet Crampon, Besson, B&S, Antoine Courtois, Hans Hoyer, Keilworth, Meinl Weston, and W. Schreiber. In the U.S. we are most familiar with Buffet Crampon brand for their popular intermediate and professional clarinets. The German made Schreiber clarinet is usually sold in Europe and it has a similar quality of construction as the Buffet E11 that many high school band directors recommend. It has a unique look with smooth joint rings and a wrap around register key mechanism. This new instrument is available for play testing in the Lexington Store and is priced at $1249.00. Compared to its counterpart, the E11 which sells for $1581.00, the Schreiber is a great deal on a quality step-up wood clarinet.